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Blood in the urine

14 November 0206, Friday

When you consider the vast different causes of pain especially involving the lower abdomen and pelvic area it’s important to consider more serious sinister causes for pain. Severity of pain is obviously extremely important and the severe morbidity and limitation in activity should also be given priority. However, from the aspect of the bladder and the lower urinary tract, it’s important to consider blood in the urine which can be seen (macroscopic hematuria) and bladder symptoms. These present with burning on urination, discoloration of urine, frequency and urgency. The history of multiple infections is also important.

What has to be considered is blood in the urine or a history of repeated infections could be a silent indicator of early stage of cancer in the lower urinary tract. This is more significantly so in the older patients and in the patient that is a chronic smoker. A thorough evaluation which might include a camera check into the bladder would be extremely important in such a circumstance.

-Dr A Kalpee

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